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When you've gathered with your bros to play Dungeons and Dragons or other brostuff and roll a d20 to determine who will party the hardest.
Holy crap Vin Diesel just rolled a 20 on his party roll and Andrew W.K. popped out from under the table and high-fived us all before jumping on his hoverboard and flying off into the great party in the sky!
by dustmo February 03, 2015
Attempting to get the song "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus stuck in someones head for the purpose of driving them insane. This can be done either by playing the song, linking to a YouTube video of the song, or quoting the lyrics.
That stupid "Party In The USA" song has been stuck in my head since you party rolled me last week.
by iwlkni2tss April 11, 2011
A partyroll is essentially like a rickroll, only instead of using a video of Rick Astley's song, one tricks a person into viewing a video of Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA." This is more annoying than the average Rickroll.
Man, I can't believe he Partyroll'd me. I thought the link was to a video of that great Rick Astley song!!!"
by Kalimeris April 20, 2011
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