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A slang way of saying "Party"
Also, usually said in a "LOUD" manner.
Also means, "Going to bar"
Also means, "A cool birthday of some friend."
A word originated from the Philippines. (Since there's no definition yet.)
G1: u going to "the" partey tonight?
G2: meh, I have to finish my thesis today... It's going to be a busy day for me...
G1: WTF! Go to hell! No way? I heard that Katrina Halili will guest there?
G2: WTF? No way? "The" Katrina Halili, the scandal queen?
G1: Yes way!!! FTW! LOLz!
G2: MEH! I just remembered that the deadline for my thesis will be next week...I'll forget the thesis for today.
G1: So dude, LET'S PARTEY!
G2: (shouts) LET'S PARTEEEY!
by May 26, 2009
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