The act of giving a baskest of fruit to nuns.
-What's up woth Sister Mary Joseph? She seems pretty happy today.
-Oh, she was parsonsed this morning
by NotJon April 23, 2005
Top Definition
When a person abuses an old lady, particularly by kicking her in the teeth.
Yo, my grandma was parsonsed by some dude in a back alley.
by Jon April 21, 2005
The act of defacating on someone's face, then giving them a swirlie.
"Did you hear that Sean got parsonsed the other day?"
by The Chris April 22, 2005
when you give a girl such a severe humping her knees buckle and her leg bones crack from sheer orgasmic vibration
what did you last night tina?
i got parsonsed by sean, thats why my legs are in a cast and a blood vessel popped in my eye SAAAAAWWWWEEEET
by bjorn June 21, 2005
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