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1. To strike back a blow, whether physical or sometimes a hardship.

2. A rural area in Central New York is referred to by locals as Parry Hill. Many car accidents occur at the top of the hill because people drive too fast and become airborn from the steepness of the hill and usually hit a tree. The area has become increasingly populated since the mid nineties.
Where is the bonfire?
Parry Hill

Parry Pride. Through Hardships we prevail.
by Parry Jane March 03, 2007
In the game Dark Souls pressing L2 so hard at the right moment that the enemy gets his attacks rejected and then destroyed.
An outstanding girl! Usually has Hazel eyes. Likes to party occasionally, Parrys is be short. She likes to go ride around and have a good time. Parrys is loving and caring, she has a nice personality. She can play hard to get, has an attitude like no other.
Hey there's Parrys!
by tht_cool_kat125 March 20, 2015
This is another way of saying really afraid or horrified. Usually used when telling a story or in the past tense.
"And then this guy came up to me and pulled out a gun! I was so parry!"
"That movie made me parry! Now I don't want to look in my mirror!"
by Necia! December 21, 2011
The shipping name between Paige O'Neill and Harry Styles because they are perfect for eachother.
I ship Parry so hard!
by fdfjglkdsjkgd August 16, 2012
Deriving from the Filipino word "Pare" meaning catholic brother or males of a religious association. Parry is how it was spelled by american born filipinos in northern california. It was a highschool in Fairfield, CA that tossed the term amongst the asian/ pacific island student body in the mid 90's.

Parry means friend.
Used when greeting:

"OH, yo!! hey what up, Parry!!"

"Oh damn, I hadn't seen this parry in days!"
by Joel Martinez November 14, 2004
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