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very cute in a non-slutty way. also means butterfly in hebrew.
1) chris and his son sam spotted a yellow parpar (butterfly) at the park today.
2) james is parpar (cute)
by omgxrwc October 06, 2010
Parpar is a muslim, jew, or islam who is cute but is a slut.

They are the master cuties that might take over the world with their cuteness.
Hilary is such a parpar!

James is a parpar without the "being the slut" part, which means he's pure cute.
by Jamjamy October 04, 2010
An extension of 'he doesn't know' but unable to do the pfft. Instead "Par Par" is all that is managed to be vocalised.
Adam: 'Hey Ed, did you know that Dan isn't in today?'

Ed: 'Oh, I didn't know'

Adam: 'Hey Lloyd, Pffft... Pffft... Ed didn't know!'

Lloyd: 'Par Par'
by wasi July 01, 2009
hebrew for butterfly. also a really hot babe.
man, parpar is looking good today.
by bxl April 25, 2007
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