A person with a ridiculous obsession with Justin Beiber and Jason Derulo who can't recognise the epic gayness of them!
You Parmis
by megustatumadre June 30, 2010
A unique name among the Indian community, It is derived from the common names Parul and Milap. Parmi is often associated as beautiful and sweet. Parmi is also translated as meaning endless amounts of hope.
Parmi is amazing; the word Parmi is a proper-noun
by imrap November 04, 2009
An abbreviation of Parmigiana. Quintessential Australian Pub fare. A crumbed Schnitzel, usually Chicken (or Beef or Veal) topped in Napolitana sauce, mozzarella cheese and (often) ham. Typically accompanied by a Pint of beer.

Parmi is the proper abbreviation, as opposed to Victorian's that drink their “Parmas” with their dainty little Pots (of beer)
Mike. Hey mate do you wanna head down the pub for a Pint and Parmi?

Sam. Sure mate. Been slaving away all week and have been hanging for knock off so we can hit up the front bar.
by The_Dodger October 29, 2010

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