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Someone who is awesome at parring people.
"Dude you parred that kid, you're a PARMASTER!"
by parmaster February 19, 2010
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Par Masters are people who have a strong Par game. There are very few Par Masters and these Par Masters come together to form a Par Council. The Par Council decides on issues ivolving the world of Pars, Pars would not live on to this day without them.
(Talking to a short girl)

Small Girl: I wanna be a wizard
Conor: Shame you're a dwarf
Small Girl: your Par game is strong
Tom: yeah youre a Par Master

(Out walking the dog with a lady friend)
Lady friend: The dog smells better than you
Tom: Yeah well the dog smells better than your fanny
(Later Tom tells Conor about said event to which Conor replies "Tom you are such a Par Master"
by PARthVader December 11, 2010

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