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The place where you hide your bowl. Some people have multiple spots, especially when living with their parents.
Guy 1: What are you doing dude,?

Guy 2: Dude I'm looking for my piece, I was so blazed last night I forget which parking spot I put it in.
by Kennyyc May 07, 2009
18 8
The girl who lets anyone in her pussy
Yeah, Sara's cute, but shes the parking spot.
by sarcasminak March 03, 2011
9 6
Place to park your car -- but only you can park there (according to my friend Iker). It could be on the public highway, but more likely in a company car park and it would have a number or your name perhaps, or the plate number of your car.
You'll have to move. That's my parking spot.
by Johnneeeeeeeeeee May 21, 2008
9 14