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The place where you hide your bowl. Some people have multiple spots, especially when living with their parents.
Guy 1: What are you doing dude,?

Guy 2: Dude I'm looking for my piece, I was so blazed last night I forget which parking spot I put it in.
by Kennyyc May 07, 2009
The girl who lets anyone in her pussy
Yeah, Sara's cute, but shes the parking spot.
by sarcasminak March 03, 2011
Place to park your car -- but only you can park there (according to my friend Iker). It could be on the public highway, but more likely in a company car park and it would have a number or your name perhaps, or the plate number of your car.
You'll have to move. That's my parking spot.
by Johnneeeeeeeeeee May 21, 2008

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