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Parepin is the brand name for a man-made drug that is also sometimes referred to by its generic name, zeridine. Developed in a groundbreaking partnership between a major pharmaceutical company and the National Institute of Health, Parepin is a complex drug that bootstraps the immune system. Parepin is a revolutionary drug made possible by the advances in medical technology from the study of AIDS and other immune diseases. While antibiotics target bacteria and antiviral drugs target viruses, Parepin is not designed to combat a specific disease or set of diseases. Instead, it makes the body better able to combat all disease.

Parepin is being introduced into water sources all over America. The government claims it is to increase our immune system and protect ourselves from biological terrorism.

Apparently the drug may do a lot more than just boost our immune system. Apparent side effects are: an alteration of dopamine and serotonin levels (Drugs like Cocaine, Meth, and Opal do this, while no immune system booster, anti-biotic, or anti-viral does), muscle spasms, inability to reach orgasm, complacency, dulling of emotions...
"Shit, I tried to get off the Parepin, but everything seemed too real, too clear without it."
by Soulibaz April 03, 2007
A taco made with extra salsa.
Dang, dem are some good parepins!
by Trez February 12, 2007

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