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Means swallow(bird) in Persian. Parasto is a very beautiful, charming, hot classy girl. All the girls wants to be her, and all the guys wants to have her. She is perfection bottled up in one woman.
Parasto is one of those girls you meet once in a lifetime ; You either end up marrying her, or you'll be miserable for never taking the chance to talk to her.
-You know that girl Parasto?

- Oh yes you mean that sexy thing walking over there?


-Man I can't stop thinking about Parasto. I wish I had the guts to talk to her. And now she's gone...

- Dude suit yourself, you had your chance and now you'll never find anyone like her again.
by Queenleeeyla February 15, 2010
a girl thats abnormally skinny and is short
parasto wasnt she the short skinny girl
by becca i September 05, 2007
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