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The elusive mexican yellow bellied kokoandrea hydra is name of this rare species. Its scientific name is Andreus Parasiticus Weakan Maleian.

This animal lives, roams and infests homes. Commonly mistaken from an animal from "Where the Wild things are." It is a rare specimen that usually hides in the brush or under the mud and rocks.

It is known as a parasite that attaches itself to weak males. (Similar to the jockey in hit multiplayer game by Valve, Left 4 Dead)

This creature has evolved to live in the homes of humans. It only feeds until its host withered and inches from death then it nurses it back to health..only to feed again later.

The Andreus Parasiticus has an entire family of parasites as well. The most notable being the grandma hydra who lures it's prey with fruit cups and sex.

It is also a creature of habit. It tricks its weak fat male host into treating its parasitic family to various meals usually paid by the flesh n blood of the host.

Scientists have yet to figure out how the Andreus Parasiticus does this. Trickery of the mind? Or does it just wisely choose the weakest minded host?
Andreus Parasiticus
by Endangered Species December 20, 2009
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