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1. an ultimate like creature that is ultimate in everyway imaginative but restricted to the main shape of a dinosaur. Its "awesomeness" is of the equivalent to chuck norris.
2. an uncopyrighted logo of a dinosaur with the words parathadon thats wearing a golden chain and grilled teeth.
3. the noun Paranthadon can be procclaimed to be cool and in fact the speaker is enabled to exaggerate of its greatness.
4. its known to have a lot of features. As the subnames of the Paranthadon (ei: Paranthadon 2.0) changes the more the cooler it gets.
gold 2.0-> made out of gold
platinum 3.0-> super coolness and platinum
and so on.
Man 1:"Man those nikes are tigght!!"
Man2: "tight like a paranthadon?"
man1: "exactly!"
by Kyle G. June 10, 2007

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