Horrible abusive father who punishes wrong answers and rewards his children by making them call him Papsy.The more times he hears someone refer to him as Papsy, the better his day becomes.Also tries to claim children that aren't his...
Papsy NO!Please,I thought it was the right answer...aghhh
by Mellowyellow91 March 04, 2009
Top Definition
A female figure of royalty. AKA urban princess
Here comes the papsy. You can't fok wiv that gyal.
by tag68 September 09, 2008
A dog(canine animal) who likes to have sex with humans. It is called a papsy, because papsy sounds like a cute name BUT WITH A TWIST.
Eddie's dog Victor is such a papsy, Jesse told me he rid Victor like a horse and Victor even enjoyed it. Biggest papsy in town if you ask me
by tallieke10 November 30, 2014
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