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A Papillion is a breed of small dog with very large ears. Pronounced Pah-Pee-On

A few traits:

1.They have a tendency to bark, ALOT.
2. Those allergic to most dogs are not allergic to Papillions.
3.Very smart, learn tricks easily.
4. They enjoy lots of space, but can live in a small apartment too.
5. Many live to be 20 years old, or older.
6. Typically have a white stripe down their forehead.
7. Can be mildly aggressive.

"Wow! Look at that tiny dog. I think it is a papillion."
by Mike127858373723123 September 29, 2007
16 9
the gayest town in nebraska.

very boring, north has the best softball and volleyball teamm, the rest of their teams suck, unless their educational teams
papillions volleyball team rocks.

i think im gonna go to papillion.

verys papillion?
by uhmm i dont knoww ! October 15, 2008
6 51