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A code phrase for either Blaberus Discoid or Blaptica Dubia Roaches
These roach species are often raised by serious exotic animal keepers as a food source for their animals. The use of the code phrase is intended to avoid the use of the "red flag" word "ROACH" in an effort to keep women, neighbors, landlords and the general public (etc) from "freaking out" over their presence within the house. By eliminating and distancing the insects from the invasive pest that is the house cockroach, it is hoped that such insects will be greeted with a level of acceptance by the aforementioned groups or irrational humans.
Girlfriend: Honey, what are these that you're feeding to your chameleon?
Guy: Oh, they're "Hawaiian Papaya Flower Beetles" I started raising them because crickets got too expensive and they're healthier for the chameleons too!
Girlfriend: Do they eat papaya?
Guy: Yeah, They eat fresh fruit and flowers... so they can have babies, Aren't they cute?
Girlfriend: yeah,.. they are kinda cute...
by Ron Bueno October 18, 2007
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