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The name given to the family of Pizza produced by Domino's. Clearly it's not actual Neapolitan Pizza, but is instead more akin to a sweet and savory cake garnished with a garlic and herb dip.

Paotsa is often enjoyed by those who smoke Chro, as it satisfies not only all major taste receptors in the mouth, but also expands the stomach, leaving a pleasantly greasy bloated feeling which lasts for several hours.

Pronounces "PAW-TSA"
1."Dude, it's Tubby Tuesdays! Shall we get paotsa, you get another one free free with every order!"

"Sure mayne, but don't forget to get more dip or it will be awful"

2."Oh man, give me a dip so I can slather it all over this paotsa"

3. "What did you have to eat last night?"

"Paotsa, obviously"

by DomsDipandDough April 24, 2010
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