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Word used by Uriah in Divergent
Basically a pussy in the Dauntless faction of Divergent.
Quit being such a pansycake and ask the girl out!
by Lolyes June 18, 2012
Used in Divergent. It is a Dauntless term meaning coward.
Say that to my face, you pansycake!
by Castiel's Consulting Timelord April 06, 2014
it's dauntless slang for "coward" and "idiot".
it's used by twelve-and-half years old (and Uriah) in the trylogy 'Divergent'
Divergent fans use it.
"Truth or dare?" "DARE, I AM NOT A PANSYCAKE"
by Valsss :3 March 15, 2015
A Pansycake is someone who claims to be a fan or like a Book, TV Show, Movie or Artist because they want to join the popularity. Definition 2: someone who watches a movie that's based on a book but never read the novel.
Fangirl: "Hey did you read The Hunger Games?"
Pansycake: "No I just watched the movie."
by Lauradaofficial July 01, 2015

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