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An obscure figure in Greek mythology, 'the Panimal' was described as a sort of narcissistic wombat-like creature. It was said to possess a venom with similar properties to modern day herbicides that it used to degrade the natural environment. Some scholars have argued that this figure represents the first true mainstream incorporation of the concept of anthropogenic ecological blight, as the creature, Panimal, was commonly understood to represent a devolved human à la Tolkien's creature, Gollum. Indeed, given Tolkien's strong environmentalist themes, some scholars have wondered aloud at his familiarity with this Greek mythic figure in the formation of his famous corrupted character.
... Και τα δάση έγιναν τυλιγμένη στο σκοτάδι, όπως το Panimal κατέβηκε στη γη ...

...and the forests (became) shroud(ed) in darkness as the Panimal descend(ed) on the land...
by Boreus April 07, 2010
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