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The sexual maneuver whereby, whilst penetrating a female anus from a rear-entry position ("doggystyle"), the female utilizes the slack skin of the male's scrotum to stimulate the vulva and clitoris in an act of manual masturbation.
I was stuffin' my girl's dumper like a thanksgiving turkey when all the sudden she grabbed my coinpurse and gave herself a panhandle flapjack.
by The panhandle flapjacker January 03, 2010
When you're fuckin' a chick in the butt from behind and she grabs your sack-skin and uses it to rub her junk and get herself off.
That chick Bianca LOVES to give herself a Panhandle Flapjack when she's gettin' railed in the ass.
by It's me, Ryan Softer January 09, 2010
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