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1. Colloquial Portuguese word meaning "Gay", derived from (see below)
2. Portuguese word meaning "One who sells pots and pans"
1. Com esse par de capris, ele pareçe mesmo como paneleiro
(With those pair of capris, he really looks gay)
2. Eu vi um paneleiro hoje na feira
(There was a man selling pots and pans at the market today)
by Pilaman August 30, 2006
It means Gay, in portuguese.
Que grande paneleiro!
(What a big gay!)
by Pedro Miguel July 03, 2005
In Portuguese (Brazil):
1) One who fixes pots and pans.
2) Piece of kitchen furniture, usually like a vertical cabinet, to store pots and pans.
Leve a frigideira sem cabo para o paneleiro consertar.
by localization May 09, 2008

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