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1. Pandalade (Ailuropoda melanoleuca Citrus Lemonos Ados) is the drink created when the bones, body, flesh, blood and testicles of the Ailuropoda melanoleuca (panda) are entriely crushed and mashed into a bloody pulp, and then mixed with a drink, the contents of which contain lemon juice, sugar, and water, also known as Citrus Lemonos Ados (lemonade.)
The drink is extremely refreshing but also rare in many countries but China and Middle-Earth.

2. The left nipple of a Sasquatchian howling spider in distress.
1. Hey dude, I totally had the most refreshing drink in the world. Pandalade dude, get it at any McDonald's restaurant starting February 2005! Have fun!

2. AAAGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Pandalade! AGGGGGHHH!
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