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Panda-kun is another word for an amazing person. If somebody is cute, loveable, the object of your affection, ect, Panda-kun is perfect. Panda being a cute, loveable animal, and kun being a suffix put on the end of names when someone is the object of your affection.
"Oh, Panda-kun! How are you, sweetheart?"
"Hero-chan! n_n"
by Jamielolzzloomggg September 04, 2006
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A derogative word meaning an Asian, usually Japanese, person. Is usually used by weak, white, wealthy (Triple W)males.
Look at that Panda-kun. I bet she eats Pocky all day and also watches anime with her slanty eyes. What a ruhtard.
by Dick C. Mongler November 04, 2010

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