State of drunkenness, commoly thought to be the ideal state of intoxication between "tipsy" and "shitfaced"; characterized by dopiness and laziness, but also being kinda cuddly like a panda.
Note: effects of being panda usually do not involve the compulsion to eat bamboo. Usually.
Chris: how drunk are you?
Will: Panda.
by Panda-boy January 20, 2011
An ice cream brand in Turkey.
Hmm I wanna lick this Panda.ahh this panda is just like ice brr!!
by q_rtlsh August 24, 2010
A chubby or bottom heavy girl that has a cute face.
Hey Brett, did you see that Panda?
by konos December 06, 2009
A mixed black/white person.
"panda panda, i got broads in atlanta"
Racial slur for those of African descent
"Look at those damn pandas. Going to lower my property values."

"In the war of northern aggression, the yanks stole our pandas"
by _cp3o June 04, 2016
A Chinese beauty
Man I wish I had that panda!
by Senoir Russian July 30, 2015
When an Asian,black and white guy have a threesome
Did you see that panda on PornHub
by Sexy Panda 3 April 28, 2015
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