A 2016 hit song produced by "Menace" and performed by G.O.O.D. Music's newest signing artist Desiigner.
" Did you hear that new song by designer called Panda"
by Manic Hart May 27, 2016
Racial slur for those of African descent
"Look at those damn pandas. Going to lower my property values."

"In the war of northern aggression, the yanks stole our pandas"
by _cp3o June 04, 2016
A white car that is blacked out with aftermarket parts
" White X6, Panda" -Desiigner
by RealBigD72 June 28, 2016
White BMW X6 with Black accents resembling a panda
White X6 look like a Panda
by Dmoney808 July 17, 2016
When an Asian,black and white guy have a threesome
Did you see that panda on PornHub
by Sexy Panda 3 April 28, 2015
a person who is black, white, and asian
ne-yo is a panda
by pandaSPACEeyes April 13, 2015
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