Gay slang - a large, rugged, hairy gay man from East Asia, ie a Chinese bear.
1. Tony fucked a panda last night.
2. Berlin's gay scene is nothing but pandas.
by Gears2010 March 13, 2010
A man who has lost his sense of masculinity and manliness to such a degree that he wouldn't survive without the security and basic resources that society provides. He's much like the panda in the zoo who is entirely dependent upon zookeepers for bamboo and protection from predators. Often the end result of extreme metrosexuality.
"Roger is a total panda. Whenever a lightbulb burns out, he has to pay someone to fix it."
"Jim walked me home last night but I felt like I was protecting him. He's such a panda."
by Relationflip July 01, 2014
you do a black person a white person and a chinese person all at the same time.
when u have a 4 way with 3 guys and 1 girl. and there is one white guy one black guy and one asian guy. then you do it. this is a panda
by goldy31313 July 20, 2011
We each ate a few pandas and wandered around all night, trying to figure out the meaning of life, but mainly just apologizing for cutting each other off too much.
by prozak42 June 02, 2011
An Asian guy that looks like a panda.
Kevin looks like a panda!
by Person in your basement December 13, 2010
The Female Reproductive System
keep your panda clean.
by pandas are terrible September 06, 2010
The most retarded animal that ever walked this earth. Due to its size it should eat things like a horse made of chocolate and whey powder, but instead it decides to eat the least nutritious food that exists: bamboo. Because of this low nutrition a panda needs to eat around 500 stems each day which takes up all the time they spend being awake. The rest of the time they sleep.

They are almost extinct is for three reasons:
1. When the bamboo in the area they reside runs out, they are too lazy to move their fat asses anywhere else
2. They do not fornicate. But how can you blame them when they spend their entire day eating
3. Natural selection

They are not yet extinct for two correlated reasons:
1. They look ‘cute’
2. Human stupidity

I hereby nominate the entire panda species for the Darwin Award.
Panda A: I'm Hungry
Panda B: Yeah, me too

They die
by Binque April 03, 2014

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