japanese cartoon equivilent of Pom Pom.
A roundish panda bear.
Pan Pan is fat...hahahahha...he fell on you...hahaha...he's a good bear!
by Anonymous July 05, 2003
Top Definition
the japanese version of Pom-Pom, is black and white and is a bear
Ha-ha-ha-ha, Pan-Pan is fat, haaaa, he fell on you, haaa, he's a good bear.
by Anonymous April 28, 2003
A big black and white bear, is the Japanese version of Pom-Pom.
Pan-Pan is fat, He fell on you, he's a good bear.
by Spencer April 28, 2003
Is a term utilized in the Pacific Islands for huffing or sniffing gasoline or other sweet smelling fuels by soaking rag into it.
The reason Tom is obnoxious because he did a lot of panpan, when he was a young punk.
by Turukawa August 09, 2011
Panera Bread, a chain of bakery-café restaurants in the United States and Canada which sell fresh breads, sandwiches, soups, premade sandwiches, and bakery items; some locations offer dinner pizzas. Panera is considered a "fast casual" restaurant.
Daddy take us to pan pan!
by Nicole Tourangeau April 16, 2008
A radio call reporting distress. Pan-Pan is a less severe than may-day.
Pan-pan this is Delta six niner uneeform. We have smoke in the cabin.
by Martin_z07 July 19, 2006

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