The kids thought I was ghetto because my family made below $60,000.

I believe that says it all.
I hate how people say how rich and snobby Palos Verdes is, it's not like everyone drives a BMW or Mercedes. Some of us have Volvos.
by anonymous157 June 19, 2010
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The town in which tennis moms meet for coffee at Starbucks and exchange the latest gossip, CEO fathers head off to work every morning in their designer suits carrying Italian leather suitcases, and teenagers in fancy cars, with music turned all the way up, drive to the top of the hill to start a new day of classes and social interactions. A place of cliffside mansions, localized surf spots, and an unnecessary number of golf courses. City council has control over how tall trees get, whether or not street lights are allowed, and the new pool in your backyard.
We have a view ordinance so that the neighbors below us canot grow trees that will block our 180 degree view of Catalina, there are no street lights in my neighborhood. I live above the Donald Trump golf course.
by Alex Krasovec May 04, 2005
An affluent yet incredibly boring suberb in Los Angeles County located along the coast between San Pedro and Redondo Beach. Also known as "The Hill" or "The Bubble". Noteworthy for having no entertainment of any kind at any time, forcing inhabitants to drive to neighboring beach cities such as Redondo, Hermosa and Manhattan for nightlife, while hoping to avoid the loving embrace of the Palos Verdes Estates Police Department upon their inebriated return. Noteworthy for having the only 7/11 in the free world that isn't open 24/7.
I tried to wear a collared shirt and blue jeans to go to the driving range at Trump National Golf Course in Rancho Palos Verdes, but the guy in the Pro Shop told me they have a strict "No Denim" policy.
by Rick S March 20, 2007
1. A collective term for the four cities on the Palos Verdes Peninsula (Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills Estates, Palos Verdes, and Rancho Palos Verdes).

2. Literally means "green sticks" in Spanish.

3. Also known as "the hill."
"It's not the black Beverly Hills, it's the black Palos Verdes."

- Reservoir Dogs
by Jon April 06, 2005
all of these definitions are correct, for the most part. just one thing, not everyone is as bitchy and snobby as they're made up to be. it's okay to drive something that isn't a bmw/mercedes/any other expensive car. we've got our bitches, but which town doesn't?
that girl is from palos verdes but she isn't a snob, and she drives a toyota.
by annabel shabbydabby August 30, 2005
I gotta correct some misconceptions about PV. Yes, it's affluent, but it's not nearly as showy and plastic as, say, Beverly Hills or Brentwood. It has a very small town feel. And yes, it has no night life, but we like it that way. It's quiet. It has trees. It has nature. It has wild animals. It has few street lights. We live here because we hate downtown LA, Orange County, and other concrete overly developed jungles. It's a beautiful oasis in a sea of ugly cities. We get the benefits of both worlds. We can leave The Hill into the lower cesspool for whatever we need, but can return back to the sweet peace. PV rocks.
Bottom line, if someone wanted to be a show-off and flaunt their wealth to the masses, Palos Verdes ain't the place they would do it. Most of the people are very down to earth and nice in my experience.
by Nairebis May 18, 2007
A small little hill located in Los Angeles County with almost no nightlife and excitement. It contains two high schools, Peninsula High and Palos Verdes High, which talk a whole lot of shit about each other when it comes to rivalry games. There are a bunch of dorky Asians at Peninsula high who study too damn much because they all want to be the next Albert Einstein. While Palos Verdes High, which has a bunch of spoiled white dudes and bitches who think they are the shit, show off to get attention all the time. Kids from areas such as Torrance, Harbor City, Carson or Inglewood talk alot of crap and always call kids from the hill of Palos Verdes spoiled all the time because their cities are too ghetto for a rich area like Palos Verdes. But Palos Verdes is not as rich as compared to some of the coastal areas in Orange County, such as Laguna Beach or Newport Beach.
Guy 1: Hey dude want to check out this rich city called Palos Verdes?
Guy 2: Dude, I've been there. It is so boring. Trust me.
Guy 1: We've been to almost all the best cities in LA and they are all fun though.
Guy 2: How about we can try out some cities in Orange County.
Guy 1: Okay, lets do that then.
by AdomC January 31, 2015
If you like nightlife, urban life, and excitement, do not go to Palos Verdes. It is boring. PV consists of four cities: Rancho Palos Verdes, Palos Verdes Estates, Rolling Hills, and Rolling Hills Estates. Demographics? the median age is about 45 years old, about 75% white, 20% Asian, and the remaining 5% a mix of other ethnicities.

PV is on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. About a million years ago, it was an island and so it has plant and insect life unseen elsewhere on the North American continent. There are rare birds and butterflies. Do you care? No, you don't.

Because it is on a peninsula, it is surrounded by water on three sides and there is nowhere to go. Those who come to visit invariably end up turning around and going home.

The high schools are too hard. While many kids go on to Ivy league schools, the majority just go to Berkely, UCLA, UCI, and UCSD.

If you come to PV from outside, the people seem rich, old, and the atmosphere intimidating. If you live there, the people no longer seem rich, but they continue to be fairly old.
I went to Palos Verdes looking for an edgy urban experience. I found none and was bored, so I went back home.
by GroganGG June 21, 2007
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