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1. The process of attempting to make a task simpler by making it, in fact, more complicated.
2. The act of using larger equipment than necessary to complete a task, often those which could easily be done by hand or simple manpower alone.
“You used the box truck to move the light carts downstairs but then needed six people to lift it onto the loading dock? Why didn’t you just use a couple of people and the elevator? Dude, you were just Palomboed.”

“I don’t want to be Palomboed by waiting for you to go get the slow moving lift motor and chain from another building. We’ll have it up in thirty seconds this by having someone foot it and me lifting it alone.”

“I need to get a lot of similar width cuts of paper from this huge roll. What if I took off eight feet at a time, rolled them into tight rolls, and then sent them through the table saw, length-wise? Oh my gosh… did I just Palombo myself?
by Chvayre October 08, 2011
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