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Palin∙ology – fr. Gk palin again, backward + -logie -logy: 1) the study of doing the same thing over and over. 2) The study of going backwards.
To graduate with a degree in Intellectual Design, you must take Palinology.
by ThePatriotofAmerica September 10, 2008
The study of reversing the gains made by the National Organization of Women (NOW).
palin-ology, sexism
Palinology shows that female politicians benefit more from good looks than good brains.
by KJAK July 10, 2009
Palinology -the study of and about Alaskan Govenor Sarah Palin.
Fox News attempts to be the Premier Palinology news source for Alaska Govenor Sarah Palin's bid for the Vice Presidency.
by Daniel Beard September 20, 2008
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