Adj. All glitz and glitter, no substance. Looks good, but behind the appearance, deficient.
The candidate hit all the political hot-buttons of her cohort, but was woefully short of factual detail and well reasoned policies.

The cheer leading squad was lead by a palinesque looker, not a blonde, but a brunette simpleton.
by Sgt Rocque March 09, 2010
Top Definition
Fake, Transparent, Blabbering Idiot
Fox News is a complete parade of Palinesque Baffoons.

I'd rather be Bidenesque than Palinesque
by Bill O'Lielly, Han Shammity October 03, 2008
refer to something really concervative, reactionary or retrogress


When someone doesn't answer a question, and immediately changes the topic. (Beneath the Blue Sky on yahoo answers)
"si les affaires de cul mettent en émoi toute la frange palinesque et hypocrite des anglo-saxons ainsi que quelques féministes d'arrière garde et autres roquets tourmentés, il faudrait un peu évoluer" (in a comment of MarJacq on Jean Quatremer's blog, 27/10/2008)


"Actually, I'm not going to answer this question. Instead, I'd like to talk about something completely different." (in a comment of holyhol... on yahoo answers)
by applepye October 27, 2008
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