A mistake of colossal proportions.
McCain really pulled a Palin with his VP pick.
by ggallinisgod September 02, 2008
a grossly unqualified candidate for a job
I can't believed you hired him. He doesn't have a driver's license and can't even ride a bicycle.... How in hell is he going to deliver the pizzas? What a palin.
by J. McCain September 23, 2008
1.(verb) To Palin - To embarrass yourself and your associates with a string of gaffes and exposed secrets.
2.(noun) A Palin - One whose behavior or actions cause unwanted negative attention to the group.
3. (noun) A desperate gamble
'Dude, you shouldn't have told those jokes about the bride. And you really Palinned when you told her dad she gave you crabs.'

'That girl's got so many skeletons in her closet, she's a real Palin.'

by Al Aska September 02, 2008

1. lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant woman.
Them republicans is palin fo sure.
by goingnowhere September 05, 2008
1) An agressive, yet dim witted, mammal which reacts with uninformed vitriol to incite other palins to attack.

2) A dwindling, but not quite extinct, hateful and fearful mindset usually found in uneducated rednecks and goatropers in the Southeast and Southwest USA.
Watch out, those palins over there, while retarded are easily provoked.

Watch out Daryl and Evelyn are holding signs with racial slurs. I thing they've got the palin.
by TennisBum February 04, 2010
Palin (palining, palined):
1. verb. To flub, fail or otherwise stumble in a response to simple, predictable questions in an interview; To give an off-topic and incoherent or syntactically suspect response to a simple, predictable question in an interview; to do likewise in any other human endeavor.

2. verb. To fabricate an untruth, that is easily verifiable as such (e.g. via the internet search tool Google), in response to a question for which one does not know the answer.
"I don't think I'll get that job, I totally palined the interview."

"I asked him about the Bush Doctrine, and he palined it by talking about horticulture."
by mrdork October 08, 2008
A white trash, uneducated person from Alaska
Did you see that Palin picking his nose on TV?

I wish that Palin would stay up in Alaska with the bears.
by catfight101 September 06, 2008

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