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To take words that people don't use anymore, and using them for anything you want them to mean.
Or also known as, "Palatial regalia".
You can use any word not used by most people.
Heres an example with 2 of hundreds of words.

Palatial regalia
That regalia is palatial!
Instead of, That house is big

It can mean anything you want it to mean.
*Note: It doesn't have to be palatial or regalia, those are just more common when it comes to this.
by whitebill January 03, 2008
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scapegoat for those who have a poor vocabulary... (palatial- adjective you can use for any other one) (regalia- noun you can use for any noun)
josh- "dude, you don't know any politics!"

billy- "YEAH... well, Barack's ideas are a bunch of palatial regalias! UGH what you know about that?"
by J Leezy July 19, 2008

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