A very annoying Tauren Druid on the World of Warcraft US server of Draenor. In November 2008, Pakwa renamed her character to Rosanne to avoid slander due to the fact that she ruined her own reputation through years of whining, guild hopping, excessive lying and drama. She is now known to deny being and then scream at and threaten to report anyone who refers to her as Pakwa.
2 Player: hi pakwa!
2 Rosanne: im not pakwa!
W From Rosanne: you call me that again and youll be sorry! ill report you to a gm!
by veryhappywowplayer October 08, 2009
same insulting slang as paki, however now that ''pakis'' use the word themselves racists use pakwa
oi come ere you pakwa
by J R R August 30, 2006

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