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Country full of good people with a few exceptions, im british, living in london. For me pakistanis beat americans and french hands down. Pakistani's have some of the best food and drink in the world. The most romantic language (urdu). They are cleaner than the average toilet paper user because muslim showers are effective. Pakistanis are polite, reserved people with strong senses of honour and a connection with the land that almost noone has. The government under Musharraf was shit now theres a chance for them to change.

Most people cannot grasp that a non-western country which a few hardline extremists terrorise is worth visiting, they are wrong pakistan is alive and the people are like no other. Every single bache, baba, etc are worth taking time to talk to. You'll learn and feel more in 2 days in Pakistan than 23years in any westernised city or countryside.
Asalaam Alekum,
Sunna Bhai!!!
Pakistan Zindabad. Mere honaywali biwi pakistani hai. America aur france achebad.
Yeh pakistan ache dahrti hai.
Pakistan mere dil dhamak dhamak karo.
Khoda Hafiz

Hello Peace be upon you, Brother listen. Long live pakistan. My future wife is pakistani. America and france are not good. Pakistan has good land. Pakistan makes my heart go dhamak dhamak. Goodbye
by Yeh Ache Urdu Nahin Hai March 28, 2008
Pakistan's a great place!sure it has some demerits(ok,so more than a few)but you have to accept that its a developing nation (and a lot of people who totally love using strong words and have never been there love to write and say that paki ppl are terrorists,fact:they are not!good and bad is everywhere)the people here are poor and the police is very bad,they should be in jail,yes!But Karachi is the best!we have all these malls,and local shops with all the yummiest food EVER!
For all those who haven't been to Pakistan,its a wonderful place,and we're developing into a better place still.What i personally love abot it is the food!and the malls!our local surprises(u know 'em if u've been here as a pakistani!:)
Pakistan is a fun place with a lotta good food and malls(in Karachi!)Its developing still but will be done soon.It rocks!
by malyha December 19, 2005
a country,its existence India never digested, still wants it!
simon: what is Pakistan
Raj: what Pakistan? there is no Pakistan its occupied Indian territory
by Love Pakistan August 05, 2009
i gots nothin against pakistan or pakis. but i do go somethin against pakis taht be hatin and talkin shyt abt indians. all u can do is talk shyt abt indians, get a lyfe. india is the best. deal wit it. we all brown. dont hate.
india and pakistan can be friends if ppl stop hating and talkin shyt.
by DESI April 26, 2005
A country made by muslims of indian subcontinent at he time of partition to get a place to prepare for taking over the indian subcontinent again and make it a muslim empire again which they lost after british destroyed 1000 years of muslim rule over indian subcontinent.
pakistan=future Ottaman Empire
by shah12345 October 29, 2009
Pakistan is a place which cannot support itself only due to two reasons:
1. feudals power over the government
2. the belief of the masses of poor that 'more children=more workers'
Feudals are the ones in gangs and can contol almost anyone. Kinda like pakistani mafia it is they who steal, kill, abuse women. There are also petty theives unrelated but that happens in every country
The second notion is the reason that pakistan is overpopulated. Which is why funds are insufficient. Why there are too many to educate.
Most claim that the islamic terrorists evolve in pakistan. That is not true. Ever since America's war in aftanistan, the afghani's have been breaching the borders and bringing there extremists into pakistan and hordes of their population as well.
Ever since Bhutto reigned and stole 90% of pakistans wealth, the nation has declined steadily. I grew up in pakistan and it isn't as pathetic as the media trys to potray. They neglect to show the educated, middle-class and higher status people and only focus on the beggars that roam the streets.
And by the way, as some of my friends have now been informed with shock (I live in Canada now) in pakistan we DO have the latest technology, we know exactly whats going on, we hate the racism and steorotypes that classify us as 'extremist muslim terrorists'. We don't have ridiculous accents, we don't live in sandy desert like arabian nights and no; we aren't all conservative, burkha wearing freaks either.
by tiadalmation July 12, 2006
A country compromised of four disparate ethnic races united by history, tradition and religion. Was formed in 1947 with the enthusiastic support of India's Muslims to defend their religio-political rights. Has fought 3 wars with India over the Muslim majority Kashmir region. Kashmiris tend to support Pakistan in Cricket matches and would prefer Pakistan over Ram Raj (take it from a Kashmiri. Kher Chus Kashmiris). Hence enraged Indians take to the internet to vent their pent up frustration. (See below). Is often accused of harboring and helping terrorists, overlooking the fact that they hide in the inaccessible and never once occupied/directly ruled Tribal Areas and that support stems from the Afghanistan Conflict of the 1980's during which the West backed Islamic militants who've come back to haunt them.
1,Indian : I'll hate your country, insult and degrade its people, and then question why it came into existence. I'll talk about your founding father in inappropriate terms overlooking the fact that one of mine was half naked 24/7 and the other made himself into a man whore to get ahead. I'll accuse your country of harboring militants overlooking the fact that thats exactly what I did in 1971. I'll ridicule your religion forgetting that drinking cow urine is holy in mine.

2,American : You bitches better catch Osama!

Pakistani : The same one you once paid, armed and supported? Him?

by Srinagarsheikh1234 November 05, 2009