Paityn generally means village warrior, and can also mean warrior of faith. Paityns generally protect ones they love and are angelic and beautiful. if you find a paityn hold on to them because they are special and extremely rare to find. They may seem hard to hold onto because deep down inside paityns are tortured souls. But if you leave a paityn you will always find yourself coming back to them because they are truly amazing with a big heart.
Look at that beatiful girl standing up for her friend! Shes a total paityn!
Look at that angel! it must be a paityn!
by Jason334 January 20, 2011
The best friend anyone will ever find.
Me: I'm so lucky Paityn's my best friend! :)
Girl: Heck yeah you are! I wish I was her best friend. :(
by HKCASTNIUEW April 11, 2013
to have unlimited amounts of joy and energy- to always be looking forward in life with the wisdom of what's behind and to smell of the stink of Slinger.
There are so many great things about her, she's such a Paityn!
by lml92 February 04, 2010

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