The Paisley design is the design printed onto clothing and accesories, the Crips and Bloods wear this design as there bandanas
You got a red paisley, you rollin' wit bloods
#crips #bloods #bandana #gangs #thugs
by jamzzzzz July 19, 2006
Top Definition
The most beautiful girl in the world! Smart sexy with the most amazing eyes and personality. The complete package. Absolutly the perfect girl.
Can have a great time even when there's nothing to do.

Can also make you laugh like you never have before. Under estimates how beautiful and sexy she actually is.

Also has a big booty! Not big in a gross way though ;)
I saw a girl at the beach the other day. she was a total paisley!
#perfect #amazing #sexy #beautiful #big booty
by ManiacMcgee July 20, 2009
1.Ancient term for the communal lavatory situated at the edge of a pre-historic Pictish settlement.

2.Shitehole town outside of Glasgow
I love Club 69, but I can't afford the bus to Shiteho-- sorry, Paisley.
by marka March 09, 2005
A bandana, flag or rag.
"I got jumped cause my black paisley was hangin out my back pocket."
#paisley #paisly #flag #rag #bandana
by chickenyoyo April 09, 2006
A Mod hipster type who enjoys wearing ascots, velvet smoking jackets, white jeans or slim pants, zipper boots, and brightly patterned shirts and hitting on the ladies. Think Austin Powers.
At the Vespa Scooter rally there was a heady mix of mod lads, dolly birds, and debonair paisley types ready to roll.
#ponce #poncy #fancy #dandy #ascot #mod #paisly? #pasely?
by Jennifer Flowers August 07, 2010
Belfast slang word for ill-mannered racist blowhole
"Ah blow it out yer paisley"
by Dave Trimble April 28, 2003
Rev. Paisley said "No"
by Adrian December 12, 2003
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