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4 definitions by marka

antagonistic, provocative, out of order
a "wide cunt" is one who would push the normal definitions of polite intrapersonal behaviour, in order to provoke a reaction.

"Your mother may be described as a sexually promiscuous woman, one blessed niether with good manners nor good looks"

"fuck off you wide cunt."
by marka March 09, 2005
1.Ancient term for the communal lavatory situated at the edge of a pre-historic Pictish settlement.

2.Shitehole town outside of Glasgow
I love Club 69, but I can't afford the bus to Shiteho-- sorry, Paisley.
by marka March 09, 2005
A vanilla slice: two slices of pastry with vanilla custard in between. Usually topped with flavoured icing.
I had two maggot bags and a snot box for smoko.
by MarkA December 15, 2004
When pressed for time, one may find oneself unable to clean ones whole body body before an important social occasion eg. first date, court appearance. A quick wash under the armpits and application of Lynx to teh groin area can be a handy alternative.
After fucking my sister, I found upon myself a quite unwholesome stench; a quick Paisley shower later, and one was resplendent down the town in ones white tracky for the dancing...
by marka March 09, 2005