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A new, experimental remedy, passed from bro to bro designed to remove or therapeutically treat a man's metaphorical vagina, often associated with being a bitch.
With proper implantation and persistent watering, pair seeds give the man in question the potential to grow a proverbial "pair."
This treatment may or may not follow the removal of a vagina (vaginectomy) from an affected male.
Jared: "I have a bellyache and can't come out drinking tonight."
Justin: "Sounds like you have a bad case of vaginitis. I think you need a vaginectomy.
Jared: "Will that do it?"
Dr. Russel: "It might, but the prognosis is grim. You see, one can remove the anatomical vagina, but the metaphorical vagina will persist. To complete a vaginectomy, I can prescribe you Pair seeds. With proper implantation and occasional watering, you may, in due time, grow a pair. This, coupled with a physical vaginectomy, can swap out your vagina for a set of manly balls."
by mikekais September 24, 2013