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An orgasm caused from either thinking about or consuming delicious pig (aka boar) products, especially bacon and products containing bacon.
The bacon cheeseburger slathered in bacon infused ranch gave Harold a spontaneous boargasm.
by mikekais October 11, 2012
A thunder bomb is a poor man's drink that mimics the experience of a Jaeger Bomb, Vegas Bomb, or Irish Car Bomb without any of the costs or benefits associated with a real "bomb" drink.

A thunder bomb consists of a shot of Vladimir or similar cheap vodka dropped into a partially filled cup of Dr. Thunder which is subsequently chugged. This chugging is often concurrent with a heroic effort of withholding vomit.

A general rule of thumb is that if you are drunk enough to think that a Thunder Bomb is a good idea, you are far too drunk to have a Thunder Bomb.
"Dude, how drunk were you last night?"
"Drunk enough that I thought a Thunder Bomb was a good idea."
by mikekais October 07, 2012
A new, experimental remedy, passed from bro to bro designed to remove or therapeutically treat a man's metaphorical vagina, often associated with being a bitch.
With proper implantation and persistent watering, pair seeds give the man in question the potential to grow a proverbial "pair."
This treatment may or may not follow the removal of a vagina (vaginectomy) from an affected male.
Jared: "I have a bellyache and can't come out drinking tonight."
Justin: "Sounds like you have a bad case of vaginitis. I think you need a vaginectomy.
Jared: "Will that do it?"
Dr. Russel: "It might, but the prognosis is grim. You see, one can remove the anatomical vagina, but the metaphorical vagina will persist. To complete a vaginectomy, I can prescribe you Pair seeds. With proper implantation and occasional watering, you may, in due time, grow a pair. This, coupled with a physical vaginectomy, can swap out your vagina for a set of manly balls."
by mikekais September 24, 2013
noun, (SWOHL-r DER-bee)
1. A grandiose affair at which feats of strength are performed, all with the obvious result of getting swole. A swollfest will only qualify as a swoller derby if it is done very publicly with the obvious goal of drawing attention.

2. A marathon gym session in which all imaginable lifts are performed with vigor.

3. The standard daily occurrences that take place almost at Muscle Beach in Venice, CA.

"Bro, did you see all those dudes lifting outside?"
"Yeah, bro. I'm tryna get in on that swoller derby. Look at all of the attention they are getting!"

2. Tony was feeling incredibly swole, but exhausted after his six hour swoller derby in the gym.
by mikekais September 24, 2013
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