A girl with a lot of makeup
Jenn: Hey Painted Whore, put on some more!

Cindy: :O!
by adam234613 February 16, 2010
A very sexually active girl who is "painted", aka is nothing without her make-up, fake hair extension, and plastic surgery. For most men, considered a 'quicky', and doesn't take long to move to some one else. A one night stand is all those type of girls are.
That Nicole is such a painted whore. Put more you fuckin clown. Knees hitting the ground; when he walks in, you suck him dry.
by Summer Green June 24, 2008
1.A prostitute who wears a lot of make-up and has sex for money.

2. Referenced in the hit television drama "Supernatural", season 6 episode 15 "The French Mistake".

3. A promiscuous women who compromises people for personal gain.
1."Oh crap, I'm a painted whore" -Dean Winchester

2."Why do painted whore's wear so much make-up?"
by Peter Winchester August 31, 2012

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