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One who is a skilled and knowledgable in all aspects of Paintball. (in otherwords, not Ray Darkness)
Excells at not only Speedball.... but also Urban and Wooded events. Knows which type of marker/gear best suits each enviroment accordingly.
by Xtreme Sports January 29, 2005
Rich Telford or Alex Fraige, or Matty Marshall

1)one who is ridiculously amazing at the extreme sport of paintball, and doesn't see losing as a possiblity.

2)one who is extremely dedicated to paintball and it shows in his gametime performance. he should also be knowledgeable about the inner workings of his marker.
"Dam man, i just played against a Paintball God, he literally ran the field."

"Yo, most of the guys on Sunday Teams are Paintball Gods."

"What!?, this guy jus took his marker completely apart, cleaned it, upgraded it, and reassembled it in like 15 mins, definite Paintball God."

by paintball rep March 31, 2009
Mark friggin' Mingle
Mark you're a paintball god
by Big Ballah March 15, 2005
Ray Darkness Of course {The badass from yuma}
I do admit that Ray darkness is the Paintball God cause it is the truth and im not a liar
by hombre June 15, 2003
some guy named Ray Darkness
ray darkness
by ray May 20, 2003
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