Straight up Sav; savage; totally awesome; so kool its hard to believe
I am so pagz that ppl ask me for tips on how i do it
by Pizzle July 07, 2004
He has a beard
Yo Bearded one, your name be Pagz.
by JB January 08, 2004
A Pagz is someone descended from the surname 'Orger' thusly:

Orger - Orgy Porgy - Aggi Paggi - Paggi - Pag - Pags - PagZ.

Such an evolutionary process takes place over about a years worth of primary school. Once created, the name pagz is then used forever, or until he buggers off to university - whichever is first.
"Hi, I'm PagZ"
"What does that mean?"
"Do I have to explain it again?!?!"


"Hey Pagz, tell my why you're called Pagz again, I forgot!"
by Thomas Orger February 16, 2004

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