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Padstar is the ultimate compliment you can recieve. Here is someone that knows how to give pure pleasure and delight to those they meet. Hero is often another name given to Padstars.

Padstars are always male.

Further clues are given in the last four letters, namely STAR.

Sexually master of all techniques in the beautiful art of lovemaking, other traits include charming, caring and giving, and charamatic. They are givers of massive proportions and ensure that they deeply touch the lives of who they come in contact with. Purity is another common word associated with Padstar.

Most Padstars are Air signs in the Zodiac. The perfect combination is a Libran airsign.

"So thats what a multiple orgasm is!" By a lady spending night with Padstar

"I was cold and afraid and Padstar gave me his coat to protect me"

"Oh my god, I think im in love with Padstar"
by The Wizard of Words February 03, 2010
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