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A stripping game played in a car. When a car with a faulty headlight passes by you slam your fist on the roof of the car and shout "padoodle." The last one to shout padoodle or not shout it at all must remove an article of clothing.
Everyone: "Padoodle!"
Guy: "Shit, I was there goes my other sock."
by fusion_tag November 15, 2010
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A Padoodle is a whore and or slut that wants sex from many men, but none are willing to have sex with her. Not even brownbagged.
You know that chick over there, shes a padoodle, i think its cause she wears clothes that are way to small for her ass.
by Eric Schait August 20, 2006
last person to say it has to take off an article of clothing
lets play padoodle!!!
by king lee of cinci July 14, 2010
A padoodle is whatever a person believes to be the epitomy of awesome. Therefore, a padoodle varies from person to person. To call a person a padoodle is a compliment.

Padoodling(verb) is having a really great time, doing what you love and being happy.

The opposite of anti-padoodle.
(To best friend) "You padoodle!"
(To someone you dislike) "Anti-Padoodle!"
(To no one in particular) "Doodling with my padoodle, hey!"

Person one: "What are you doing today?"
Person two: "Padoodling!"
Extreme happiness ensues as it is for certain that person two will have a totally amazing day.
by Cat-erpillar January 29, 2012

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