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When you drop your iPad (or whatever, don't get all Samsung-hot-head on me now, we all know what the concept is here) on your face while in bed.

This is also interchangeable with phoneslap or podslap, whatever the case may be.

(Disclaimer: Careful how you use it, some of the below phrases could get you in trouble with the significant other.)
"Yo I totally got padslapped last night while stalking your social media page"

"I took a serious padslapping in bed last night"

"Ooo. PadSlap! Maybe next time hold that pad with your dominant hand."
by BelieveIt_ImHip February 18, 2015
The act of slapping someone across the face with a used feminine napkin.
You are asking for a serious pad-slapping.
by WrathOfKron December 13, 2012

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