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to drive in the center of the road so that the dashed lines go under the center of the car, resembling PacMan wakka-wakka-ing up those dots in the game.
Steve: 'Tony, you're totally PacMan-ing right now'

Tony: 'Shit!'
by uhhhhhme January 28, 2010

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when a girl uses her teeth during a blowjob
nah man she was pacmaning it
by pacmaning July 26, 2010
When you and a few friends sit in a dark room munching on E's/Pills listening to repetitive electronic music occasianly venturing out for food or fear of ghosts.
"Last nights Pacman-ing session was hardcore"

"I still can't feel my face, was goooood!"
by Dark_Prinz November 01, 2007
The act of annoying a person or friend over and over with a certain sound in order to acheive dominance or a goal or prize.
My little brother was pacmaning me all afternoon to give him back his Nintendo DS, so I eventually shoved him into the bathroom.
by Stalio April 23, 2012
Driving in a way to use the grid-formation of streets to avoid any contact with police after 3am.
"Dude, if I drive home, we are sooo PacMan-ing it from the cops. My tag's expired and they are everywhere."

Even feel free to keep a score as to how many cops you avoid. Major pointage when cops pull over someone anywhere near you.
by Tiffany Rubano September 15, 2007