- a boy
- is costa rican
- someone who is into dirt bikes and riding
- someone who is nice, understanding, caring, and gorgeous
- someone who is known to be a girl magnet.
rachel has a crush on pablo.
by katieandrachel September 01, 2008
A spliff, in blunt form.
Are you trying to smoke a Pablo right now?
by The Human Rug December 13, 2010
Pablo is a common nick name for Michael and is normaly named that for being a lazy, sleeping, tequila drinking mexican.
wow Micheal your being a real Pablo now
by peebear May 09, 2010
A bald headed Mexican man with just a piece of hair stickin' up right in the middle. Can be sort of dumb, but nice.
Pablo is very dumb, but he is very nice.
by cabb30 August 22, 2011
a boy, not a man, who will break your heart, but not before he breaks your arm...charming, intense, chaotic, lovable, hateful, but most of all ANGRY. he'll have the girl of his dreams wrapped around his little finger, and waste her all away. a short man, usually big nosed and sarcastic, beautiful at certain angles, but looks like Guy Fawkes from straight on. A good person, but a confused person. Breaks hearts, along with the heart that loved him most, and will never find that love again.
"Girl, stay away from him, he's a Pablo!"

"He totally flipped out and threw a Pablo."

"Only a Pablo would make himself a victim like that"
by JCM77 December 09, 2009
Being rather obscure, the Pablo, or more commonly known as chodus is a short, yet thick, penis. A Pablo is more commonly found in people of caucasian descent, first being coined by Sir H.P. Frapplewhacker in the late 1920s, it is commonly used in more upper class settings, when use of 'ruder' words is not so common.

Deriving from "Pablini", an actor starring in "Where's My Shoe?" a play performed in 1918 at the Centre for Performance Arts. Pablini was short, yet stout.
He had a Pablo the length of a coin, with the girdth of a tuna can.
by Arklite July 31, 2006
Someone who is just so obviously mexican that his name must be pablo.
haha look at that pablo cuttin my grass
by IyceD June 24, 2005

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