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A PlayStation game released on October 31st, 1997.

The player takes on the role of PaRappa, a paper-thin rapping dog. PaRappa is Japanese for "Paper Thin". He is trying to win the heart of a flower-like girl named Sunny Funny. He is aided by his friends Katy Kat (an enthusiastic cat) and PJ Berri (a fat teddy bear DJ with a huge appetite). Also vying for Sunny Funny's attention is PaRappa's arch rival Joe Chin, a rich, narcissistic dog.
To impress Sunny Funny, PaRappa learns to fight at a kung-fu dojo, and takes a driver's education course to get his license. However when he crashes his Dad's car, he has to earn money at a flea market to pay for it. When Sunny's birthday comes up, PaRappa has to get cake, but ends up ruining it after an encounter with Joe. He makes a new one by watching a cooking show, and proceeds to eat a lot of it on the day. When spending some time alone with Sunny, he is suddenly overcome with the need to go to the bathroom. PaRappa has to rap against his previous senseis in order to get to the front of the line to the toilet.
Then one night, PaRappa is invited to Club Fun, and asks Sunny to go with him, which she agrees. Parappa then raps on stage with everybody, rapping solo at the end of the song.

A really good music game, in my opinion.
Guy 1:I need a good music game, any ideas?
Guy 2:Here you go *Hands him PaRappa the Rapper*

5 Hours Later...

by RawrItsPanda October 20, 2009
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