"P.Y.T." was famously referenced by President Ronald Reagan during Jackson's 1984 White House visit, saying "Let's give some T.L.C. to the P.Y.T.s."

The song was sampled by Monica on her 2002 single, "All Eyes On Me."

The chorus of the song is also used in the song "I Wanna Love U" by Memphis Bleek, from his album M.A.D.E., sung by Donell Jones.

In the beginning of the song, Jackson whispers, "You know, you... you make me feel so good inside. (chuckles) I've always wanted a girl just like you. You're such a P.Y.T., Pretty Young Thing".

Almost at the end, he says, "You know, I think I'm nice enough. You I could've, you know, just get together. You're such a P.Y.T. to me. Pretty Young Thing." At the end he says, "I just want to love you, you know. (chuckles) I'll give you all that I've got."

that gurl so p.y.t. to me..

she's a p.y.t. fo' sho!!
by jo_bizzo May 30, 2006
Pretty Young Thing
Used by an old singer called Michel Jackson, I believe, but it was twenty years ago (in the 80's)!!!
In summer 2007, a french electronic music group JUSTICE sang it in their blasting hit D.A.N.C.E.
U were such a PYT
Catching all the lights
by BenCo January 20, 2008
Annalise Holmes, nuff said.

PYT = Pretty Young Thing
Annalise Holmes is the finest PYT, that I've ever seen.
by (Insert Super Clever Name) October 10, 2011
According to 'Another Cinderella Story', it stands for Paid, Young, and Taking on the World from the Driver's Seat.
"You're the New Classic, You're the new PYT."
by Ale :) February 08, 2009
"Pretty Young Thing" as in a sexy, younger man. Term is used by a (slightly) older women to refer to her boy toy.
I'm going to let my PYT put it on me tonight.
by hiscougarallday April 23, 2009
Puta Y Tonta

Puta: Whore in Spanish
Tonta: Dummy in Spanish
She was a real PYT she used to work the red light district.
by InjenBuilder9 December 14, 2009
Playa Young Thug
"PYT, Playa Young Thug, you need some lovin..." - PYT by Tupac
by Anonymous October 13, 2003
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