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Proper Vaginal Coverage
That chic wearing daisy dukes didn't have PVC I could see everything!!
by Exit 82 August 18, 2010
PVC is the generally accepted shortened name for any clothing in the realm of vinyl clothing, especially popular in the dark/industrial and bondage subcultures. PVC is named for the compound polyvinyl chloride which is used in manufacturing the clothing.
1) That is a great PVC dress she has on! 2) I wonder where he got that PVC bondage outfit.
by SD Chris July 30, 2006
pinche vato culero
George Lopez's standup "theres a PVC here to see you a PVC..what's that? pinche vato culero"
by roro88 July 17, 2012
Acronym for Penis-Vagina Contact

Used at dances, usually High School or supervised dances, where grinding is not allowed.
Damn, did you see Junior & Beth at Homecoming?!

Hell yeah, total PVC
by Endgame1320 February 08, 2011