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PVC is the generally accepted shortened name for any clothing in the realm of vinyl clothing, especially popular in the dark/industrial and bondage subcultures. PVC is named for the compound polyvinyl chloride which is used in manufacturing the clothing.
1) That is a great PVC dress she has on! 2) I wonder where he got that PVC bondage outfit.
by SD Chris July 30, 2006
pinche vato culero
George Lopez's standup "theres a PVC here to see you a PVC..what's that? pinche vato culero"
by roro88 July 17, 2012
Proper Vaginal Coverage
That chic wearing daisy dukes didn't have PVC I could see everything!!
by Exit 82 August 18, 2010
Bad, Shitty or annoying (comes from the word "Shafty").
Person 1, "Dude, that game was hella PVC." Person 2, "Yea that sucked dick."
"Dude that game was PVC as fuck!" "Yea it sucked dick"
by mik hig December 29, 2014
Acronym for Penis-Vagina Contact

Used at dances, usually High School or supervised dances, where grinding is not allowed.
Damn, did you see Junior & Beth at Homecoming?!

Hell yeah, total PVC
by Endgame1320 February 08, 2011
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