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men experiencing hair on their upper lip...and/or chin should not be alarmed.....for they are going through whats known as.....puberfaulk.
*do not be alarmed*
This is a harmless part of every young mans life, where hair starts going in strage places, you start having hallucinations that u are fighting in a war that doesnt actually exist. You may also find that you start seeing girls on the internet attractive - some may have children.
guy one - You dude...i well feel like fightin in 'Nam today
guy two - I no what u mean man!! got an itch that needs scrathin...i love war.
guy one - tell me bout it...shame i cant though. i have to stay in and act creepy, the talk to my internet bitchez...LOLZ!

dnt fall victiim to Puberfaulk
by SpacedOut1234 July 25, 2008